Why Hampshireman? I am the least likely Hampshire man you will ever meet, being born in Darlington, Co Durham (spa of the north). It's my handle within the Hash House Harriers (drinkers with a running problem), but read all about that on it's own page and links. http://www.worthyh3.com.  I was proud to be the GM or Grand Master (Chairman in other words) for three years of this motley crew of party animal hashers of all ages, professions, sizes and sexes.

Being a drinker with a painting and a running problem, this site is mainly dedicated to my pictures. I am self taught in painting, but I could always draw and trained as an engineering draughtsman. The idea of colouring in the shapes I drew, not quite dot to dot and painting by numbers, drew me to evening classes, but by then I had devoured most of the library books and bought some of my own and practised what they preached. Therefore I was way ahead of the beginners.  I am a member of Winchester Art Club.

My paintings cover many subjects and I have been honoured with lots of commissions in subjects such as railway scenes, buildings, landscapes, marine and caricatures. I am sturggling to add abstract paintings, however I am a stickler for perspective and line, but often try to lean towards impressionism.

The medium I favour most these days is acrylic due to a lack of dexterity in my painting hand and it's fast drying nature. I used to favour oil and the tactile nature of it, enabling it to be moved round the support in a thick and expressive way if necessary, using a painting knife in some later works. However watercolours where I started, and doesn't everyone? is still used when the subject can determine the medium, often with the caricatures and with ink sketches needing a wash of colour.

Using the internet allowed me to find two great web sites called WetCanvas! http://www.wetcanvas.com and Painters OnLine http://www.painters-online.co.uk I have become a regular contributor to their forums, posting my work as well as commenting on other contributors. To post, one needs to take photographs of the work and you will see from the galleries on my pages, I am not the best photographer in the world but I hope the thumbnails illustrate my efforts well enough for you to enjoy.