Welcome to my website.

My work is posted in categorised galleries listed down the left hand side of this page. Click on them to see the varied subjects I like doing. Then click on the thumbnails in each page to view an enlarged image. There is also a blah blah page about me.

I will add that all the images are mine and the copyright is totally mine and any misuse will result in the heavy boys being despatched and my nephew isn't the lightest handed with a baseball bat.

Commissions taken.

Having had a major trauma in 2012 then a stroke in 2014, I now have reduced dexterity and motion and have found the only way to paint anything now is to use expired credit/debit cards in acrylics. This has opened up a whole new world including abstracts. Once upon a time I wouldn't have given house room to them.

New page ABSTRACT added, maybe not as the art purists would say, but it's a new branch of interest for me, which I may pursue. Being a realistic painter, it's very difficlt to see things differently, but here we go - 26/01/2015